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Philosophy Kangaroo Belt Company

Our Story

Kangaroo leather is a durable, lightweight material. It is one the strongest natural fibres known to man, evolved to withstand the harshest environments of the Aussie Outback. Our dream with the Kangaroo Belt Company is to offer simple, well constructed, handmade products direct from us to you from our workshop in Australia that will last you a lifetime, guaranteed. 

Made with the finest, vegetable tanned leather our first belt design minimizes potential stress points, reducing the risk of failure that comes with wear and tear. Unlike a belt with holes this one allows you to adjust the size to the millimetre. View our handmade leather belt collection.

Highest Quality Leather

We have worked with a family tannery who have been in the industry since 1891 to create the kangaroo leathers for our belts. These guys make the leathers for the Australian Armies boots along with other high profile customers in car manufacturing and soccer boots. 

Good leather can last over a century when properly cared for. There are several types of leather that qualify as good, but not all types of leather are right for making belts. We use the thickest kangaroo leather possible and only use vegetable-tanned full-grain leather which in our opinion is the best type :)


Our belts take a skilled craftsman over an hour to cut and hand braid. Like a good quality rope, the leather plat grips for extra strength when pulled taut. We are proud of the care and time it takes to make our products bringing us back in line with a tradition of making a product well so that it lasts a lifetime.

Quality Hardware

A good buckle should feel heavy and solid in your hand. The o-ring buckles we sourced for The Kangaroo Belt Company are from a local saddlery and are strong enough to be used with horses at the racetrack. We chose the o-buckle as with zero stitching and the duel-ring buckle design we eliminated the leather stress points that reduce the durability of traditional belt designs.

So, How Durable is Kangaroo Leather? We have set out to build a lifetime product and are happy to put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee to replace any belt you outlast providing you use it as it was intended to be used—as a belt around your waist and not as a chew toy for your pet dingo, a tow strap for your ski boat or some other creative use that, though it may perform admirably, was not what it was made for.


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