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How to shorten a leather belt

So let's start this article by saying this doesn't apply to our Kangaroo Leather Belts - which cannot simply be cut to make shorter as it would undo the braid. Depending on interest why might post another article on how to make your own kangaroo leather belt which would teach you how to shorten a braided belt too!

Back to the standard leather belt with holes - say you buy a belt and later find out that it is too long for you - or better yet, you loose a tonne of weight! How does one shorten the belt without changing the style or damaging the leather?

Step 1: Release the buckle

Unscrew the screw located at the buckle end to disassemble your belt. 

In case your belt does not have a screw, use scissors to snip into the back of the leather holding the buckle. Cut fully across and remove the excess leather tab, then snip through the thread and cut open the remaining flap to detach the buckle.

Step 2: Measure and cut to size

Wrap the belt around your waist where you like to wear it and measure the length you require, cut the belt leather on the buckle side. 

It is recommended to carefully re-measure before cutting and to cut the leather bit by bit so you can re-measure to get the perfect size, obviously if you cut to much of your belt you will need to start losing weight or hoping you can stretch it as the leather definitely won't be growing back! 

Step 3: Create a new hole 

Once the leather strap has been cut to the right size. You will need to add a new hole for the belt prong to go through - which you can add using a leather hold punch tool. If this is too difficult or you don't own one, you can have a shoe repairer punch the hole for you.  Alternatively, you may be able to widen the existing hole for the belt prong with your scissors but this may damage the look of the belt. 

Step 4: Screw or sew the belt pieces 

Once a new hole is created, insert the leather strap into the leather piece attached to the buckle and screw together. Otherwise, you can stitch the belt pieces together using a sewing machine. To sew through the thick leather material, remove the presser foot, but remember to be extremely careful when you do this since your fingers can easily slip beneath the needle.

With these steps, you can shorten your belt to the size you need. However, as you can see, this does take quite an effort and time, not to mention the risk of cutting your belt too short or damaging the leather at some point.

Our Kangaroo Leather Belts for both men and women can free you from this problem as we have various sizes and a guide for you to make sure the best size is ordered. We make all our belts to order so we can also create custom size to your exact measurements. The other benefit over belts with holes and prongs is that you tighten to fit exactly rather than inch by inch, ensuring a perfect fit every time. View our handmade leather belt collection.