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How to condition a leather belt

Here at our Kangaroo Belt Company, our reason for being in business is to offer simple, well constructed, handmade products direct from us to you from our workshop in Australia that will last you a lifetime, guaranteed. This said, here we provide care instructions and tips on how to keeping your belt in the best condition.

How to care for a leather belt so it lasts a lifetime

The braided kangaroo leather belt has changed very little in utility and design since early colonial drovers and farmers started braiding them. In addition to their obvious practical use, they have an unforgettable style to them suited for both men and women. Whether dressing up or down at the farm or in town they go well for people of all ages and styles.

Knowing how to properly look after and car your favorite leather belt is crucial to enjoy it for a lifetime.

Here we have gathered the most key tips on how we maintain out belts to keep them looking at their best!

1. Find the right size
Size measurements are very important to keep your belt last for a long time. A too big belt will bend around itself, leading to faster creases and damage. Meanwhile, a too tight one can make you feel uncomfortable and cause serious problems to your health, such as heartburn, abdominal pain, lower back and spinal pain, leg tingling and numbness, or reproductive and immune system damage.

Finding the right size can by tricky though, as your belt measurement might not always match your waist measurement. Although there are many tips that you could find to choose the best belt size, you might want to skip this problem, and you do have this option. Unlike belts with holes, our Kangaroo Leather belts allow you to adjust the size to the millimetre, so you don’t ever have to worry about buying the wrong one.

We braid all our belts custom to order so can make it any size but when ordering online we ask for your waist size/pant size and make it long enough to loop over comfortably and tuck into both our braided keeper and the first loop of your belt. It’s important to note that although the leather won’t stretch the braid will tighten over the first 5-10 wears which will result in an extra half inch to inch in length.

How to lengthen a leather belt

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2. Use conditioner
Just like leather shoes and jackets, applying conditioning products is another crucial solution to care for a leather belt. Conditioner can protect leather from drying out, help to deter dirt, make your belt shinier and dramatically increase its lifespan. To condition a leather belt, simply lay the belt down, apply a small portion of conditioner to a dry cloth, and gently rub it all over the belt. Then let it air dry for a couple of hours out of direct sunlight. You can do this at the beginning of every season to keep your belt in good shape, but remember not to do it too often as you can risk saturating your belt. We personally like to use Dubin or a natural bees wax.

Leather Belt Care

3. Hang it with a belt hanger
As your leather belt might be rolled up, left attached to the pants or put in the drawer, it can be bent, curled or wrinkled. Try to avoid doing these things, and straighten your leather belt by placing it on a belt hanger. This will help the belt hang down, let the leather ‘breathe’, and prevent the creasing and degrading process so your belt will never get old.

4. Avoid hot and humid environments
You might not pay much attention to the place you store your belt, but extreme temperatures can sometimes damage leather. Heat and direct exposure to sunlight can cause the leather to dry out, decolour and even crack, especially in the Australian weather and sun. Meanwhile, when the humidity level rises above 50%, the excess water in the air can seep into the leather’s pores, facilitating the formation of mould and mildew. Your belt is also susceptible to damage in extreme cold, which can harden the leather and lead to cracks. It is best if you could keep your belt away from all of these environments.

5. Keep it dry
Water is certainly not a best friend but not to say it’s one of the biggest enemies of leather. If you want a lasting leather belt, try to keep contact with water to a minimum.

You may also need to wash it from time to time, and when it gets wet, we would suggest blotting it with a towel, and then hang it on a belt hanger in a vertical position, and leave it out to dry naturally in an open area at room temperature out of the sun. Don’t try to skip the process and dry your belt with a hairdryer or other heat sources, as this can make your belt hard, brittle or shrink.

6. Clean your belt with care
How to clean a leather belt sweat or remove its odour after intensive wear? Don’t try to put it right in the washing machine, as it really will not enjoy the experience. Instead, simply wipe it down with a lukewarm damp cloth, or use a toothbrush along with liquid soap to scrub the belt on both sides. After that, remember to leave it on the belt hanger to dry out. Again, avoid exposing the belt to direct sunlight, or saturating the cloth used to clean the leather, otherwise you risk damaging your belt.

7. How to soften a stiff leather belt
What to do when your leather belt gets hardened? The easiest and cheapest method to restore belt softness is using rubbing alcohol, which can be purchased in any drug store. Another alternative solution would be using coconut oil on your leather belt, but this process can take longer and needs to be repeated several times before you can see real results

Our Kangaroo leather is the most durable, lightweight leather in the world. It is one the strongest natural fibres known to man, evolved to withstand the harshest environments of the Aussie Outback. We use with the finest, vegetable tanned leather from one of the most innovative and oldest tanneries in Australia, our design minimises potential stress points, reducing the risk of failure that comes with wear and tear. We believe in them so much in the materials and the craftsmanship we sell them with a life time guaranty when used as intended and are yet to receive a return. View our handmade leather belt collection.

Condition A Leather Belt